Customer Review - Merida Reacto 8000

Customer Review - Merida Reacto 8000

My review on the New Merida Reacto 8000 which I purchased from Luke at Velo Bavarian, my local bike shop in Derbyshire, 6 weeks ago (March 2024).


Andy collecting his brand new Merida Reacto 8000


I collected the Merida on a Friday afternoon and I was itching to get out on it on the Saturday, as I was flying on the Sunday for 2 weeks holiday.

I thought I’d go for my usual 20km around the block, just so I had been on the bike before I went away.

Here’s where my review starts...

The bike is extremely comfy. I did read up on the bike and viewed YouTube videos on the bike/manufacture before I purchased it and the comfort was mentioned, which is due to its frame design, S-Flex carbon seat post and the 28mm tyres.


Merida Reacto 8000 Ultegra Di2


So I was expecting it to be a little different to my other bike which is an older Cervelo S5, but the Merida is so comfy I ended up riding 70km. Even with decent elevation and pot holes all over the place, the Reacto was quick and comfortable. The Merida Reacto handled all the varying terrain and conditions extremely well and is very pliable over the poor UK roads.

My second ride, after I returned from my 2 week holiday, was 83km as my son and I signed up for the PMA Derby Spring Sportive event.

What’s important here is these distances are fairly average for most seasoned riders, however I’m new to cycling having only started a few months ago. My son got in to it, so thought I’d have a go.

My longest rides before the Merida were 40km, however whilst riding the Reacto I felt the urge to go that bit further, and then a bit further on again as it was so great to ride.

I was also quite proud of myself for managing a 83km for the first time and did it 3 hours 32 minutes, with one 15 minute stop. I do believe the Merida helped me achieve this goal, also being spurred on my son on his new Pinarello Dogma F helped (also purchased new from Velo Bavarian).


Merida Reacto 8000 (left) Pinarello Dogma F (right)


Comparing my new Merida Reacto to my previous bikes...

For my first bike I bought a low cost used cannondale carbon bike, which was a good starter bike to get me into it. Soon after, I bought a better second hand bike, a Cervelo S5 which is a great bike, and now this new Merida Reacto 8000.

I was initially drawn to the look of the Merida Reacto 8000 as I think it looks stunning in the frosted/matte green. The Merida is a very high quality brand with top specification and is exceptional value for the money!

My Merida Reacto 8000 has the Reynolds Carbon wheels, Continental GP5000S TR 28c tyres, disc brakes with disc cooler technology, Shimano Ultegra 12 speed Di2, a great design, lightweight carbon fibre frame and the Merida S-Flex carbon seat post for added comfort...
All for just £4850!


Cafe stop on the Merida Reacto 8000

I’ve done about 400km so far on the Merida and I am so pleased with this bike - I highly recommend it.

I also recommend you go and see Luke and the guys at Velo Bavarian, as they all really looked after me, they let me ride their Merida demo bike before I agreed to purchase, and I had a great day there collecting my new bike.

Go get one, you really won’t regret it!

Andy Bradbury

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